Below are less than 5 books I use personally that can help you bring more positivity, time efficiency and successful execution to your daily routine. 

Power Of Broke

This book is a great inspiration for all you entrepreneurs and business professionals out there as I have come to love this book. It shows you that money is not everything when it comes to business and success in life. Those are the great aspects I love about this book that it allows us to take a step back and see that money isn't everything when it comes to business and life, its your heart and hustle.

The 10X Rule

This book will motivate you and take the things you take for granted in life to multiply your success.

4 Hour Work Week

You can take this book literally and work only 4 hours per week OR you can take the strategies in this book to streamline your time and create efficient time for yourself to find lost time and make it valuable. This is about using every minute to create success.